Layout Design and Construction Services

We receive many E-Mails requesting more information on our Layout Construction Services. While we can't design your new layout through E-Mails, we do provide many ways to make new layouts become a reality. This includes the complete design and construction of layouts of all sizes. To allow the entire layout shown above to be photographed, several pictures had to be pieced together!

For the beginner, we sell layout planning books which contain many popular track layout possibilities. In addition to the numerous pages of track plans, these books cover all the basic scenic techniques that you can use to complete your pike.

For the PC user we have a wonderful track planning software package called "rrtrack". This program contains placeable Lionel accessory templates in addition to every type of Lionel track and switch available. "rrtrack" allows you to design your layout to scale quickly and easily. We carry it on our laptop computers when we travel to design a layout "on-site". Call us today for your copy.

For the operator who wants a professionally constructed layout we can handle the entire job. We can do as much of your layout as you want. or leave it up to you to finish the details.

On this page you can see samples of our recent work in all phases of construction. Our commitment to quality and superior "after-the-sale-support" leads more and more operators to select The Train Station to make their dream layout a reality.

Our Portfolio contains professional layouts constructed for major retailers. The Train Station constructed the Layout used in Bloomingdale's Holiday Windows in New York City. We have done Layout work for large and small Lionel lovers and operators.

Large operating layouts, like those in major retailers, are an important part of the growing popularity of Lionel Trains. This summer Neil Young's H.O.R.D.E. Layout, which is set up at every stop of his nationwide tour, showcases Lionel trains in action.

Lionel Trains have even found their way into recent theatrical films. The Train Station constructed the Layout used in Spike Lee's Motion Picture called "Clockers".

The Clockers layout shown here was also featured in Classic Toy Trains Magazine.

For more information on pricing and scheduling and to see a complete portfolio of our work,
Please Contact Dave Shaw at The Train Station 973-263-1979.


Command Control, Let The Train Station Team Make it happen for you!


We have built hundreds of layouts, we can design a special one for you!

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