Yes.... We Repair Lionel Trains

This is the time of year when you take your "train treasures" out of storage and find out things don't quite work the way they should. Or, perhaps you really meant to get that wheel fixed after the holidays but it slipped your mind.

The Train Station can help, allow us to fix and recondition your Lionel Items. It's an easy process

  1. Call the store at 973-263-1979
  2. We take your customer information.
  3. We will provide our UPS shipping address and an authorization number, so that your item will receive special attention when it arrives at our receiving department.
  4. We Charge a set rate for our reconditioning services based on the item, parts are extra.

Why Recondition?

A general reconditioning allows our service technicians to disassemble and check every part of your locomotive or accessory. With a general reconditioning we can guarantee your complete satisfaction when we return your Lionel Product.

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